Luxurious Handmade Rugs by Tufenkian

I started this company to make rugs for people to love.

I started this company to make rugs for people to love. For some it is enough for a rug to just lie on the floor and look great. My aim was to transcend superficial attractiveness and to touch people more deeply than with only color and design. I believe that in a world of mass-produced and mechanically flawless products, what people really want to live with are a few great things that speak to them through their exquisite materials, and the subtle variations created by the human hand. Tufenkian Carpets stand alongside the best of those, but promise much more.

We promise a deeper connection that comes from appreciation of the extreme levels of hand craftsmanship invested in our products, and the Tufenkian values and practices that underlie their creation.

I started this company to make rugs for people to love. James Tufenkian, Founder

Mission & Humanity


From the outset, my vision for Tufenkian Carpets was that it would revive in a new carpet production the much admired qualities of the great antique carpets of the past, and would weave into those carpets the best of modern design.


As such they would stand above the rest. Not just by virtue of their beauty, but also because of the artisanal processes by which they were made, the character of their fine materials, and their capacity to grow more beautiful with age. Almost as revolutionary was that their production would serve to advance the communities in which the company worked, and that the profits of the business would support humanitarian projects elsewhere. That vision was realized with the founding of Tufenkian Artisan Carpets in 1985, and its establishment as the first modern brand in the Oriental rug world — a brand that is still defined and energized by that founding vision today.



Simple and timeless: two words that define our carpets. All our rugs are made by hand, all can be made to order, and eight standard sizes are all (and always) available on hand. Each piece honors ancient artisan traditions, and is crafted from the most extraordinary materials.